Fugawi Indians

topic posted Thu, April 17, 2008 - 6:38 PM by  Lee R.
Interesting story: I was recently researching nomadic Indian tribes, and came across a reference to a small band of Indians who called themselves the Fugawi. It seems that this was one of the most proud and nomadic of all the Indian tribes, as the almost never settled in one place. Apparently, the chief of the tribe believed in a paradise where the tribe could dwell in peace and plenty for generations to come, and even had a map to help him find the way to this promised land, though the journey seemed long and never ending to the people of the tribe. It became a well known ritual for the chief to display his pride in the tribe, as each evening he would take his map and climb the highest hill, He would look around, consult his map carefully, and think deeply. Each evening, as he thought, it became apparent that his pride in the tribe would overwhelm him, as he would suddenly rise to his feet, raise his fists to the sky, and proudly proclaim to the stars

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    Fri, April 18, 2008 - 7:01 AM
    Lee. R., there's a biker group in northern IN, that call them the Fugarwis.
    Seriously. No foolin'! I was there in '74 and was one.

    We had just started the gang, (a bunch of idiots with bikes and too much time on their hand and more drugs and beer than appropriate)and some drunk want to know what wy'd call ourselves since all the good names were taken.
    He kept askin', "Who the fuck are we?"
    He was the one that handcuffed himself to his bike so it wouldn't get stolen and lost the key.
    That was a hoot. His keys were in the ignition

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